Caring for your awning fabric

Neglecting to care for your awning's fabric can lead to undesired results.


The framework for your awning must be fitted in such a way as to keep the fabric perfectly stretched and there must be absolutely no rubbing parts this tension will also prevent water pockets forming in the case of heavy rain

In strong winds,the awning must not be left open

In rainy weather, the awning can be left open but it must not be rolled up and left for a long period when damp. If it has been rolled up when damp, it must be unrolled as soon as possible so that the fabric may be left to dry

Regular care

Dust and particles should be removed from the surface by vacuum cleaning, blowing air, beating or brushing the fabric

Before putting away for the winter season: We recommend putting the awning in a protective cover during the winter

To keep your awning in good condition for as long a time as possible, it is highly recommended to fit it under an overhanging roof or to add a protective hood, for maximum protection all year round, choose a case awning.


To give a new lease of life to your awning or just to change colour or pattern, replacing the fabric is an ideal option

We will be able to offer a new fabric with the colour and quality of your choice to the exact dimensions of your awning frame


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